Thank you Manmoham! for India’s globalized poverty

Dear Manmohan Singh,

You will be one of the prime ministers who is remembered by his people all along. Infact how can we forget a minister like you who is trying to make our lives more miserable?

In the early 90s you have given us some fascinating dreams in the name of liberalization, privatization and  glottalization (LPG). Your economic wizards told the public “look, we are going to be global; all of us will get job and we can enjoy the global quality products”.  Indian democracy easily adopted the idea of market economy  designed by the capitalistic forces. You have opened our socio-economic system to the global market .

You told  that the customer will be benefited by the competition between the markets. Still the price of essential commodities increased exponentially.  The people who were with small scale industries and daily businesses  had a brake down in their area. They lost the market and many people, directly or indirectly lost their way of income.  We, the people didn’t had any strength to fight with the global market and corporates.   (How a chai wala can compete with McDonald’s ?)  Our small scale industries, day by day got weakened and are at the verge of extinction. Still you made us happy by saying “see how many got the job!”. You made us selfish. We never thought  if 10 of the people got employed, 100s lost their income due to the perish of local industry.

You have privatized  everything. Education, health, electricity, water, roads and what else?  Every government after your famous economic minister ship, followed your path explicitly. The BJP government crossed record on selling the government shares on public sector. They sold VSNL to Tata, privatized the higher education.

 You told us fall of  value of Indian rupee will bring more foreign investment.  Now its value is decided by the inverters! We lost our ethnicity.  You gave a dream of varieties.  But now it is monotonous. Cochin seems similar to Mumbai, Banglore or Ahmedabad.  Every where you go there are same malls, Mc Donalds, multiplexes ; same food, same language and same culture.

By cheap labor you gave jobs to some of them and took back the money through the corporate shops.  You stopped the money flow to the bottom and increased the poverty. More over you made a country where people will not react seriously. You are successful on keeping them asleep. In your ten years of ruling , the farmers have no increase in their income, teachers and government employees have a little increase and small scale  industries and their employees are in the question of survival. (You could maintain the GDP by making new Tatas and Ambanis  ). According to the interest of oil companies you increased the price of petrol. From an initial value of  RS 37 to present price of 75 and  still counting !.

  You made this country a heaven for the exploiting class and hell for the working class.  You should know that there is a braking point at which people will wake up. It is not that far.  Now we know that you and your party people are working for corporate.  The time and people of India will never forgive you for this.

With voice of protest,

A common man.


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